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Overview of the emulator (from the README)


You can compare the accuracy of the results produced by the emulator for the following functions:


There are bugs in various versions of the emulator. Information about some of the kernels is available here: Select a kernel version from this list:

Back-porting the emulator

An attempt has been made in later versions of the emulator to make it easier to port. The latest version of the emulator has been ported to some earlier kernels. You can get *.tar.gz files of the ported emulator from this list:

glibc and the emulator

If the glibc-2.2.4 (and possibly other versions) build tests are run on a machine using the emulator then errors will be reported. This is currently being investigated. However, it is known that the design of at least two of the tests have problems:

Test Code

A package of tests is available for the emulator which should aid programmers who wish to port the emulator. Click on the following to download it: