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Some changes to the kernel, unrelated to the emulator, resulted in a name clash which meant that the emulator could not be compiled.


The name clash of 2.1.2 was fixed, but inadequate testing (by me) meant that another bug introduced with the 2.1.2 kernel wasn't fixed.

The other bug was due to the fs and gs registers being no longer pushed onto the stack during interrupt service. The emulator needed to be changed to use the new stack layout.


The stack layout error which was introduced in 2.1.2, and persisted in 2.1.3, was fixed in this release of the kernel.


Yet another problem! Changes elsewhere (in the header files) broke the emulator if it is compiled for an 80386 machine.


The emulator in this kernel should give you no problems. It works for me...

2.2.x and 2.3.x series

Later versions of gcc handle the register constraints of asm statements differently. This leads to kernel oops's.

A fix for this should appear in the first kernel versions released after 5th Nov 1999 (e.g. linux-2.3.26 or linux-2.2.14). The emulator version number has been increased to 2.01 with this fix.